Customized Name Art For All Occasions

Image Meanings

Each image in the Name Art design is a symbolism in the Asian art world. Whether it be for luck, wealth or good health, each image symbolizes a positive character trait. Below are some meanings that our images represent.

Bamboo= Resilience and Integrity

Mountain= Stability and Strength

Birds= Happiness

Dolphins= Intelligence

Sun= Light

Moon= Wisdom

Whale= Gentle

Plum Blossom= Life and Happiness

Orchids= Virtue and Moral Excellence

Carp= Business Minded

Clouds= Good Fortune

Peacock= Dignity and Beauty

Tiger= Courage and Fierceness


Dragon= Leadership and Adaptability

Rainbow= Luck and Wealth

Fish= Prosperity

Crane= Longevity

Palm Tree= Relaxation and Easy Going

Lotus= Purity

Butterfly= Summer and Joy

Hearts= Love

Water= Freedom and Serenity

Elephants= Strength and Moral Excellence

Dragon Fly= Summer

Phoenix= Resilience and Empress

Lion= Loyalty and Courage

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